Building the garden you deserve

If you feel you don’t need a design, then please contact us to book in for one of our initial landscape build complimentary consultations.

This first step is to give us a chance to meet personally. We will be able to take you through our portfolio and show you some sample gardens to get the creative process started. We would like you to share your garden aspirations and ideas so far, so that we can go through a broad outline plan and identify a budget range. By the end of this session you should have all the information you need to decide if you want to work with us.

The next step, once you have chosen to appoint Legendary Landscapes is to agree more detailed specifications and a final budget. We can then issue a formal estimate, and at this stage we would take a 10% ‘booking in deposit’ to get your garden build slot reserved in our works schedule.

Whether you have used our design process, you already had a design, or you have done you own, the planning can start in earnest once you have appointed Legendary Landscapes to commence works. Of course you will feel some excitement at this stage as you near closer to your dream garden, but a little apprehension is quite normal too. We are here at every step of the way to minimise disruption and keep the process as efficient as possible.

The first day or two is usually about setting out, establishing levels and clearing the area. Once this has been done the ground works can commence. This is often the most difficult part of the job as we completely take everything apart and break down your garden before we can put it back together again. It can be noisy, and muddy, but it is important that you are aware and prepared for that. This is commonly the longest phase of the job and also the most crucial part; because to ensure the high standard finish and longevity of the build, the foundations have to be solid.

Once foundations and groundworks are complete, the build can start, and this is where you will really see things taking place. You will get some early glimpses of how you garden will be.

As we near the end of the process we go through a final snag list, add the finishes touches, and before you know it you will be entertaining your friends and family in your new outdoor room!

Well, what can I say, you guys did a stellar job! (not bad coming from a perfectionist!) Thanks for all your hard work, the garden has turned out fantastic!
N.W – Paignton

Do you have a project you wish to discuss?

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