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It would also be really useful at this stage to have an indication on your budget for the proposed works. Often when asked this question, it is common for our new clients to be a little unsure of how much a professional landscaping service will cost, and how much they should allocate to their garden project. However, if we can establish this as early on as possible, we can then focus our time on a garden proposal that is going to be feasible for you and your allocated budget, whilst making sure that you get the most out of the initial free consultation. There is some useful information on our pricing page which can really help with deciding budgets.

In addition and following from your phone enquiry, if you are able to forward on any images of the outdoor space that you are planning to rejuvenate, then this will give us a much better idea of the layout of your garden and any access restrictions, and it can also help with estimating the work and potential costs involved from the offset.

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